Giugno 17, 2024

Elena Tarasenko

As an admirer of Neue Sachlichkeit and the Old Masters, especially of the Renaissance and The Netherlands, Tarasenko specializes in a figurative realism that she has adapted to contemporary life.

With great love of minute details and a subtle colour palette, this technically highly adept artist takes pleasure in showing the viewer a melancholy beauty of urban life beyond hype and hurry that will catch their attention and make them pause.” (Dr. Angelika Leitzke) Born 1981 in Riga.

1994–2001 Janis Rozentāls Art School. 2006–2006 Latvian Art Academy, Riga. Since 2010 freelance painter in Berlin. Since 2005 participation in exhibitions, e. g. TVD ART Galerie Berlin which represents her.

2013 participates in “The Sound of Europe”, organised by the Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin to celebrate Latvia joining the European Monetary Union.

2013 commended in the publication “Women in Art” (Edition Fuchs) about 500 women in art history.